The latest version of Message Service (MNS) supports the log management feature. By using this feature, you can push MNS operations logs to Object Storage Service (OSS). This topic describes how to configure MNS to push logs to OSS.


  1. Log on to the MNS console. In the left-side navigation pane, select Logging Management.
  2. Click Configure next to the region name such as China (Hangzhou) to go to the bucket configuration page.
    1. Skip this step if you have activated OSS. If you have not activated OSS, click Activate Now.
    2. Skip this step if you have authorized MNS to access OSS. If you have not authorized MNS to access OSS, click Authorize to go to the authorization page.
    3. Select a bucket as the logging bucket. Go to Step 4 if no appropriate bucket exists. If an appropriate bucket exists, skip Step 4.
    4. Create a bucket. Note that only a bucket that resides in the same region as MNS can be used as the logging bucket. When creating a bucket, you must select the corresponding region for the bucket. Then, return to the bucket configuration page and refresh the bucket list.
    5. After you configure the bucket, click OK. Then, you can view the logging bucket on the Logging Management page.

What to do next