This topic provides the download QR code of the demo and the download links of Push SDK. In addition, this topic also describes the release notes of Push SDK.

Installation package of the demo

Scan the QR code to download the demo. Demo of AliLive SDK V4.1.0

Release notes

Release date Version Description Download link
2021-09-10 V4.2.1 Push SDK is optimized in the following aspects:
  • The architecture is restructured to optimize the performance and reduce the package size.
  • Some known issues are fixed.
2021-08-18 V4.2.0 Push SDK is optimized in the following aspects:
  • Push SDKs for iOS and Android:
    • Narrowband HD™ is supported for screen recording during stream ingest, which provides better image quality at the same bitrate.
    • Callbacks for real-time stream status are configured to monitor live streaming based on collected statistics.
    • Custom collection of audio and video streams is supported.
    • The Alibaba Real-time Transport Protocol (ARTP) module and the dependencies on built-in retouching resources and players are removed to reduce the package size.
    • The tracking point feature is improved, and the interfaces for logs are provided.
  • Push SDK for iOS: Pod dependencies are added.
  • Push SDK for Android: The OpenH264 codec library is upgraded to resolve the conflicts that occur during integration with the short video SDK.
2021-06-25 V4.1.0 Push SDK is optimized in the following aspects:
  • Stream ingest over Real-Time Streaming (RTS) is supported.
  • The smart retouching feature of Queen SDK is integrated.
  • A new UI design for the demo is used.
  • ApsaraVideo Player SDK is updated.
2021-01-13 V4.0.2 The following features are supported:
  • Stream ingest from cameras is supported. In this mode, stream ingest over Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and co-stream ingest over Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) are supported.
  • The playback of live streams is supported. RTMP, Flash Video (FLV), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and RTS live streams can be pulled to play.
  • Parameter settings for collection, encoding, and stream ingest are supported.
  • Background music and sound effects can be added.
  • Retouching is supported.
  • Co-streaming and streamer challenges are supported. However, these two features are not supported in Push SDK V4.1.0 and later.

To enable these features, contact the business manager or submit a ticket.

2020-12-01 V3.6.1 The presentation timestamps (PTS) difference between audio and video streams that occurs in poor network conditions is removed.

The following table describes the package sizes of the Push SDK V4.2.0 and V4.1.0.

Version Operating system Package size Incremental package size
V4.2.1 Android 4.89 MB 4.7 MB
  • ARM64: 6.7 MB
  • ARMv7: 6.2 MB
ARM64: 2.48 MB
V4.2.0 Android The armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a instruction sets are supported. The total package size of Push SDK for Android is 5.5 MB. 5.3 MB
  • ARM64: 9.5 MB
  • ARMv7: 9.7 MB
ARM64: 2.79 MB
V4.1.0 Android 9.5 MB 8.3 MB
iOS 21.4 MB 7.8 MB