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Data subscription

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Data subscription helps obtain real-time incremental data of specific RDS instances. It is applicable to scenarios such as cache update, message notification, real-time data synchronization between heterogeneous data sources, and real-time data synchronization with complex ETL.


Key features of DTS subsciption include:

  • Obtain data changes from a RDS instance in a classic network.

  • Obtain data changes from a RDS instance in a VPC network.

Subscription object

The subscription object includes database and table. You can subscribe incremental data of selected tables as needed.

Incremental data is divided into DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DDL (Data Definition Language). You can determine the specific data change type to be subscribed during configuration.

Subscription channel

To subscribe data from a specific RDS instance, you must create a subscription channel and allocate it to the RDS instance in the DTS console.

Upon creation, the subscription channel starts to capture incremental data from the source RDS instance, and stores the captured data locally. Consequently, you can use the DTS SDK to subscribe and consume incremental data from the subscription channel.

One subscription channel can be subscribed to only one downstream SDK. In case that incremental data of one RDS instance is requested by multiple SDKs, you must create a corresponding subscription channel for each SDK. The subscription target of these channels are the same RDS instance.

Subscription channel displays different status on creation and progress.

Channel status Description Operations available
Pre-checking Subscription instance is performing pre-check.
  • Delete
  • Configure monitor
Not started Subscription channel is configured, but not started.
  • Start
  • Delete
  • Configure monitor
Initializing The subscription channel is initializing. The process may take up to one minute.
  • Delete
  • Configure monitor
Normal Subscription channel is running.
  • View subscription data
  • Delete
  • Configure monitor
Abnormal Subscription channel encounters an issue.
  • View sample code
  • Delete
  • Configure monitor


DTS subscription offers the following features:

  • Subscription object modification

    You can add or delete the subscription object when the subscription channel is running.

  • Visualized subscription data

    You can view the data in the subscription channel in the DTS console.

  • Consumption time modification

    You can modify the consumption time of the subscription channel in the DTS console according to your requirements.

  • Monitoring system

    DTS monitors the performance of all tasks and detects problems, such as lag or abended processes. If a task fails, DTS immediately sends an alarm messages to the task owner.