This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about GoChina ICP Filing Assistant.

What features does GoChina ICP Filing Assistant provide?

GoChina ICP Filing Assistant is a standardized service that provides end-to-end Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing consultation and delivery for small and medium-sized enterprises outside mainland China. When you use GoChina ICP Filing Assistant, you can enjoy a one-on-one expert service, which helps ensure smooth business development in mainland China. The expert service includes managed ICP filing applications and end-to-end consultation about ICP filing applications for domain names and company registration in mainland China. This way, you can provide compliant services from websites that are hosted on cloud servers in mainland China.

How long is the validity period of a purchased expert service?

After you purchase an expert service, an expert is designated to follow up on the preparation of the required ICP filing materials and your ICP filing application. The service is considered delivered after the application is submitted to the communications administration for review. During the review process, the designated expert also follows up on the review progress until the communications administration issues an ICP number to you.

Does GoChina ICP Filing Assistant support refunds?