ApsaraDB provides multilevel monitoring services across the physical, network, and application layers to ensure business availability.


The Service module tracks service-level statuses. It monitors whether the SLB, OSS, Archive Storage, Log Service, and other cloud products on which RDS depends are normal, including their functionality and response time.  It also uses logs to determine whether the internal RDS services are operating normally.


The Network module tracks statuses at the network layer. It monitors the connectivity between ECS and RDS and between physical RDS servers, as well as the rates of packet loss on the router and switch.


The OS module tracks statuses at the hardware and OS kernel layer, including:

  • Hardware overhaul: Constantly checks the operational status of the CPU, memory, main board, and storage, pre-judges whether a fault will occur, and automatically submits a repair report in advance.

  • OS kernel monitoring: It tracks all database calls and uses kernel status to analyze the reasons for slowdowns or call errors.


The Instance module collects RDS instance-level information, including:

  • Available instance information

  • Instance capacity and performance indicators

  • Instance SQL execution records