This topic describes the request structure in GET requests and provides the endpoints of ECS. Alibaba Cloud ECS APIs allow you to initiate GET requests by sending a URL over the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. The request parameters must be included in the URL.

Structure example

The following example is an unencoded URL request of CreateSnapshot.
&<Common request parameters>
  • https indicates the communication protocol.

  • is an ECS service endpoint.

  • Action=CreateSnapshot indicates the target API, and DiskId=d-28m5zbua0 is one of the CreateSnapshot parameters.

  • <Common request parameters> are the common parameters of the system.

Communication protocol

Requests over HTTP or HTTPS are supported. We recommend that you send requests over HTTPS for a higher level of security.

If such sensitive information as an SSH key pair or a password exists in your request, we recommend that you choose HTTPS.

Service endpoints

The following table describes the API service access endpoints of ECS. To reduce network latency, we recommend that you configure endpoints based on the source from which you call the service.

Region (Location) Endpoint
China North 3 (Zhangjiakou)
China North 5 (Hohhot)
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Tokyo)
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney)
Asia Pacific SE 3 (Kuala Lumpur)
Asia Pacific SE 5 (Jakarta)
Asia Pacific SOU 1 (Mumbai)
Middle East 1 (Dubai)
Germany 1 (Frankfurt)
UK (London)

The endpoints in the following table are accelerated through the virtual network and Express Connect. This reduces network latency that results from communication across different countries or regions.

Region (Location) Endpoint
Default (US West 1 Silicon Valley)
Default (US East 1 Virginia)
Default (Hong Kong)
Default (Asia Pacific SE 1 Singapore)

Request Parameters

You must specify the target operation (for example, Action=StartInstance) by using the Action parameter. Additionally, you must set other API parameters and Common request parameters.

Character encoding

Request parameters and response parameters are encoded by using theUTF-8 character set.