This section is applicable to users who make a GET request over HTTP or HTTPS by sending a URL.

If you prefer using SDK, Alibaba Cloud CLI, or OpenAPI Explorer, skip this section.

The request URL consists of different parameters and has a fixed syntax. For more information, see Request structure. The URL contains common request parameters, your signature, and operation-specific parameters. For more information, see Common parameters and Digital signature. URL request examples are available for each API operation. These URL examples are not encoded so that they are easy to read. You must encode the URL before making a request. A result is returned to you after the authentication process is complete based on your signature. For more information, see Responses. Response parameters are returned if the call is successful, whereas an error message is returned if the call fails. You can troubleshoot issues based on the common error codes and operation-specific error codes.

Note We recommend that you use SDK to call operations and manage resources, which avoids manual authentication.