PolarDB is fully compatible with the Oracle syntax, uses a shared-everything architecture, and supports common features of Oracle databases. The structure that is used by PolarDB to organize files is the same as the structure that is used by Oracle. PolarDB supports the common Oracle syntax, the multiversion concurrency control (MVCC) feature, and the native Oracle Call Interface (OCI). This way, you can migrate data from an Oracle database to a PolarDB cluster in a few clicks. PolarDB O Edition also supports diverse features for partitioning. This includes range partitioning, interval partitioning, partition splitting, partition merging, and partition templates. PolarDB allows you to create global indexes for partitioned tables. This makes data queries efficient.

Stored procedures

A stored procedure is a programming language that is commonly used for database development. Application developers are familiar with this language. PolarDB O Edition is highly compatible with stored procedures in Oracle. PolarDB supports the following common statements: COLLECTION, GOTO, SAVEPOINT, ROLLBACK, CURSOR, EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, and RETURN.


A database link in PolarDB O Edition allows you to execute SQL statements to query data sources outside PolarDB. You can query data sources outside PolarDB in the same way as you query data in a PolarDB database. You can use a foreign data wrapper, a database link, or a dblink function to query data sources outside PolarDB. For example, you can establish connections between PolarDB O Edition databases. You can also connect a PolarDB O Edition database to another common database, such as an Oracle database, a PostgreSQL database, or a MySQL database.PolarDB O Edition PolarDB O Edition When you run complex SQL queries based on a database link, PolarDB O Edition applies pushdown optimization, ORDER BY optimization, and SORT BY optimization. The supported pushdown optimization includes predicate pushdown and join pushdown. This way, the calculation process can be pushed down to the database from which data is queried. This significantly improves query performance.

Compatibility with advanced features

PolarDB O Edition is compatible with advanced features of Oracle databases and common Oracle drivers such as the OCI driver and the Pro*C driver. The supported advanced features include hints, SQL plan management (SPM), the CREATE TYPE statement, materialized views, and profiles. PolarDB O Edition is also fully compatible with the PostgreSQL syntax and PostgreSQL tools. PolarDB provides an ecosystem that is compatible with diverse databases.