A backup vault is used to store backup data in Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR). HBR allows you to create a backup vault only if you create a backup plan. You can also select an existing backup vault to store backup data. This topic provides the basic information of backup vaults and describes how to manage a backup vault.


The Storage Vaults page in the HBR console displays all existing backup vaults.
  • You can view the type, backup plan quantity, data volume, and status of a backup vault. You can also view the time at which the vault is created.
  • On the Storage Vaults page, you can enable cross-region backup and set parameters for a backup vault. You can also specify the expiration time of the backup vault and delete the backup vault.
  • You can create tags for backup vaults to simplify the search and management of resources.

Back up files across regions

To meet disaster recovery requirements, you can create a remote mirror vault for a backup vault and back up data from the backup vault to the mirror vault. This way, data in the backup vault is automatically replicated to the mirror vault. For more information, see Use a mirror vault to back up data across regions.
Notice A backup vault whose backup type is Archive does not support the remote backup feature.

Create tags

You can use tags to identify resources. Tags allow enterprises and individuals to categorize their HBR resources and simplify the search and management of resources.

You can create different tags for different backup vaults. For example, if you manage teams or projects, you can create tags based on department or project and use these tags to categorize your instances. For example, you can create a tag named project:a for a project. This way, you can filter backup vaults based on the tag when you maintain backup vaults.

  • Usage notes
    • Each tag consists of a key-value pair.
    • A tag must be unique.

      For example, the company:a tag is added to a backup vault. If you add the company:b tag to the backup vault, the company:a tag is replaced with the company:b tag.

    • Tags are not shared across regions. For example, tags that are created in the China (Hangzhou) region are invisible to the China (Shanghai) region.
  • Limits
    Item Limit
    The maximum length of a key 128 characters
    The maximum length of a value 128 characters
    The maximum number of custom tags that you can add to a resource 20
    The key of a tag
    • The key cannot start with aliyun or acs:.
    • The key cannot contain http:// or https:// .
    • The key cannot be an empty string.
    The value of a tag A tag value cannot contain http:// or https://.
  1. Log on to the HBR console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Backup Appliance > Storage Vaults.
  3. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  4. In the Tags column next to the name or ID of the backup client, click the biaoqian icon.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click Edit.
  6. In the Key and Value fields, enter the key-value pair of a tag and click Save.
    If you want to create more than one tags, click Add a row to specify the key-value pair of a new tag.

Search for a resource by tag

In the upper-right corner of the Backup Storage page, select Tags from the drop-down list and enter the tag information. Then, click the Search icon.
  • You can search for a resource by using a key, as shown in the following example:
  • You can search for a resource by using a key-value pair, as shown in the following example:
  • You can search for a resource by using multiple key-value pairs, as shown in the following example:

What to do next

Operation Description
Modify a backup vault Configure the name and alert policy of a backup vault and specify whether to enable the search feature for the backup vault.
Modify the time at which a backup vault expires Specify the expiration time of a backup vault. You can specify a retention period or permanently retain a backup vault.
Notice If you specify a retention period for a backup vault, the vault is deleted after it expires.
Delete a backup vault Delete a backup vault.
Notice After a backup vault is deleted, it cannot be restored. Proceed with caution.