After you create a private certificate authority (CA) by purchasing the Private Certificate Authority (PCA) service, if the private CA is disabled, you can claim a refund for the private CA. If the private CA is enabled, you cannot claim a refund for the private CA. This topic describes how to claim a refund for a private CA.


A private CA is created and is disabled.


  1. Log on to the SSL Certificates Service console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Private Certificates.
  3. On the Private Certificates page, claim a refund for a private CA that is in the Disabled state.
    The method for claiming a refund varies based on how you create the private CA. The following description provides specific instructions.
    • If a private root CA and its private intermediate CAs are created together, find the private root CA, click the More icon in the Actions column, and then select Refund. This operation claims refunds for both the private root CA and the private intermediate CAs that are created together.
    • If a private intermediate CA is separately created, find the private intermediate CA and click Refund in the Actions column. This operation claims a refund for only the private intermediate CA that is separately created.
  4. In the Confirmation message, click Refund.
    After you claim for a refund, the paid fee is returned to you in the original payment method. After the refund is successful, the value in the Status column for the private CA changes to Refunded. Then, you can click Delete in the Actions column to delete the private CA from the private CA list.