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Configure multiple sites for an application

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2021

Most international enterprises deploy at least two sites for each application in and outside mainland China and one site at the backend. This ensures optimal user experience when global users access the application. You can use Domain Name System (DNS) to distribute traffic from customers in different regions to different sites. If a system disaster occurs, all sites are backed up to each other to ensure high availability of applications.




Configure global settings.

Configure the global settings for a Global Traffic Manager (GTM) instance, as shown in the following figure.


Configure multiple address pools.

Configure address pools for mainland China and regions outside mainland China for the GTM instance, as shown in the following figure. In this example, address pools in North China, South China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are configured.


Enable health check.

Enable health check for the GTM instance. On the Address Pool Configurations tab, find the address pool for which you want to enable health check. Click Add next to Health Check.

Note: To ensure the quality of health check, we recommend that you configure overseas monitoring nodes for the address pools outside mainland China.


Configure an access policy.

You can distribute traffic from different users to multiple address pools by integrating DNS with GTM. To ensure high availability of applications, you can configure a default address pool and a backup address pool. If the default address pool fails, you can forward traffic to the backup address pool.

The following examples show how to configure an access policy:

  • The customers in South China access the address pool in South China. The address pool in North China serves as a backup address pool.

  • Other customers in Asia access the address pool in Hong Kong. The address pool in Singapore serves as a backup address pool.

  • The customers outside Asia access the address pool in Singapore. The address pool in Hong Kong serves as a backup address pool.


Add a CNAME record.

Navigate to the DNS settings page of the domain name of the application, and add a CNAME record to configure GTM for the application, as shown in the following figure.