If you create Database Backup sandbox instances, DBS charges you for the creation and storage of the sandbox instances. This topic describes the billable items and pricing of the sandbox feature.

Background information

Database Backup (DBS) provides a complete sandbox solution for MySQL and Oracle databases based on copy data management (CDM). You can use the DBS sandbox feature to create a sandbox instance (ApsaraDB RDS emergency instance) to restore data in a backup set within seconds. Read and write operations performed within sandbox instances do not affect source databases. You can perform a variety of operations within sandbox instances, such as data restoration within seconds, recovery drill, test, analysis, and emergency disaster recovery. For more information, see Overview.

Promotional discounts

Each Alibaba Cloud account can receive a one-month, free 100 GB storage plan for a capacity sandbox.
Note You can enjoy the free trial when you purchase a Storage plan for capacity sandbox and select 100 GB for Specification and 1 Month for Duration.

Billable items

Sandbox type Service Billable item
MySQL sandbox instance
  • Sandbox storage
  • Sandbox instance

    The instance is a database instance provided by DBS.

Oracle sandbox instance
  • Sandbox storage
  • Sandbox data disk

    You must provide a database instance for the sandbox data disk to attach to.

Sandbox storage fees

Storage fees of a capacity sandbox are charged based on the size and storage duration of the data stored in DBS. The storage fees are billed by using the following method:

  • Pay-as-you-go for capacity sandbox storage:USD 0.008/GB/day

    You are charged for the actual amount of data you use on an hourly basis.

  • Storage plans for capacity sandbox:

    Sandbox storage plans can be used to deduct sandbox storage fees. If storage plans are exhausted, fees incurred by extra storage are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    Type (GB) Price (USD/day)
    100 23
    500 111
    1,024 221
    2,048 442
    5,120 1,044
    10,240 2,089
    20,480 4,178
    51,200 9,830
    102,400 19,661
    204,800 39,322
    307,200 58,982
    512,000 92,160

Sandbox instance fees

The following table describes the billing standards of sandbox instance fees. Sandbox instance fees are charged on an hourly basis.

Specification Price for mainland China (USD/day) Price for the China (Hong Kong) region and regions outside China (USD/day)
1 core, 1 GB of memory 0.346 0.346
1 core, 2 GB of memory 0.864 0.864
2 cores, GB of memory 2.203 4.104
2 cores, 8 GB of memory 2.678 4.709
4 cores, GB of memory 5.160 9.559
4 cores, 16 GB of memory 6.739 11.923
8 cores, 16 GB of memory 10.264 19.157
8 cores, 32 GB of memory 13.522 23.846