Spatio-temporal data is graphic and image data that contains both time and space information. Spatio-temporal data contains multidimensional information about objects, such as the location, shape, change, and size distribution.

ApsaraDB AnalyticDB PostgreSQL Ganos is a spatio-temporal engine. Ganos provides a series of data types, functions, and stored procedures for AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL to store, index, query, analyze, and compute spatio-temporal data in a cost-effective manner.

This topic describes how to use Ganos in AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL to manage and analyze spatio-temporal data.

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The Ganos engine is available as part of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL. Ganos is provided free of charge by Alibaba Cloud. For more information about the billing methods of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances, see AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Pricing.