Background information

Reserved system column names cannot be used in PolarDB O Edition: ctid, oid, cmin, cmax, xmin, and xmax. The following error is returned if a system column name is used:
ERROR:  column name "ctid" conflicts with a system column name


  • You can handle conflict column names by changing column names.
  • Create a shadow table with a different name from the original table, and modify the conflicting column names.
  • Create a view with the same name as the original table, and map the column names to those of the original table.


  • Modify the name of a column
    Original column name:
    create table foo(oid varchar(10))
    Modify the key.
    create table foo(p_oid varchar(10))
  • Create a table
    The original table is:
    create table foo(oid varchar(10), ctid int, xmin int)
    Create a new table:
    create table __foo(p_oid varchar(10), p_ctid int, p_xmin int);
    Create a view:
    create view foo as select p_oid as oid, p_ctid as ctid, p_xmin as xmin from __foo;