Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) supports route advertisement. You can advertise routes of virtual private clouds (VPCs) and virtual border routers (VBRs) to a CEN instance so that other network instances attached to the CEN instance can learn these routes.

Background information

The following table describes the routes that can be advertised to CEN instances.
Note The CEN console allows you to advertise only VPC routes to CEN. To advertise VBR routes to CEN, you must call the PublishRouteEntries API operation. For more information, see PublishRouteEntries.
Route Network instance Advertised to CEN by default
Routes that route network traffic to Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances VPC No
Routes that route network traffic to VPN gateways VPC No
Routes that route network traffic to high-availability virtual IP addresses (HAVIPs) VPC No
System routes of VPCs VPC Yes
Routes that route network traffic to data centers VBR Yes
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes VBR Yes
The following figure shows that four VPCs are attached to a CEN instance. A VPN gateway is created for the VPC deployed in the China (Hangzhou) region and is connected to a data center. You can advertise the route that routes network traffic from the VPC to the VPN gateway to CEN. This way, the other three VPCs can learn the route and establish network communication with the data center. Advertise routes to CEN


  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. On the Instances page, find the CEN instance that you want to manage and click the ID of the instance.
  3. On the instance details page, find the transit router that is deployed in the same region as the network instance to which the route belongs and click the ID of the transit router.
  4. On the transit router details page, click the Routing Information tab and select the network instance. Routes of the network instance are displayed.
  5. Find the route that you want to advertise and click Publish in the Publishing Progress column.
  6. In the Publish Route message, confirm the information and click OK.