This topic describes the frequently asked questions about using EDAS.

Does EDAS support other programming languages than Java?

PHP applications can be deployed directly in EDAS container service Kubernetes clusters or Serverless Kubernetes clusters. In addition, micro-service mesh in other programming languages can be deployed through application. It also provides service governance capabilities such as application hosting, service discovery, tracing, and load balancing.

What are the billing dimensions of EDAS? How are IaaS resources billed?

The billing dimension of EDAS is the number of application instances, that is, the number of instances deployed applications. The billing system of EDAS is based on the maximum number of instances for each application day. Restarting ECS instances or pods is not a charge. For more information about the billing of EDAS, Billing.

EDAS does not include the cost of IaaS-layer resources such as ECS. The IaaS-layer resources are billed in the corresponding IaaS product.