You can use VPN Gateway, Express Connect, or Smart Access Gateway to connect your on-premises networks to a virtual private cloud (VPC) in Alibaba Cloud.


Enterprises may leverage cloud services as an extension to their on-premises infrastructure. To allow on-cloud and off-cloud workloads to operate seamlessly together, you must enable your on-premises facilities and Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to communicate over a private network. To help you achieve this goal, Alibaba Cloud offers multiple private networking options, including VPN Gateway, Express Connect, Smart Access Gateway, and Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).


Solution Description
VPN Gateway

You can use VPN Gateway to create a VPN over IPsec tunnel between your VPCs and on-premises facilities. VPN Gateway runs on servers with primary/secondary redundancy. If the primary server fails, the tunneling workloads are switched over to a secondary server within seconds.

VPN tunnels are based on Internet communications. The transmission performance of a VPN tunnel depends on the Internet speed. Therefore, VPN Gateway is an ideal option for latency-insensitive tasks.

For more information, see Establish a connection between a VPC and an on-premises data center.

Express Connect

You can connect your on-premises networks to Alibaba Cloud access points over a leased line provided by a third-party service provider. You can apply for a circuit in the Express Connect console.

An Express Connect circuit provides fast and stable connectivity between your on-premises network and Alibaba Cloud networks. Therefore, Express Connect is an ideal option for latency-sensitive tasks.

For more information about how to deploy Express Connect circuits, see Overview of access solutions.

Redundant Express Connect circuits

You can use redundant Express Connect circuits to connect your on-premises networks into Alibaba Cloud VPCs. You can provision up to four Express Connect circuits that work in equal-cost multi-path routing (ECMP) mode.

For more information, see Create active/standby physical connections and Create redundant connections with load-balancing routing.

Smart Access Gateway

Smart Access Gateway provides an easy-to-deploy but highly secure connection between your on-premises networks and Alibaba Cloud VPCs. You can establish an encrypted connection to the nearest VPC based on Internet communications. Smart Access Gateway is an ideal option for connecting multiple branch sites into Alibaba Cloud with affordable costs and minimal deployment efforts.

For more information, see Connect private networks outside mainland China to Alibaba Cloud

Smart Access Gateway as a backup You can use Smart Access Gateway as a backup if you already have an Express Connect circuit that connects your on-premises network to Alibaba Cloud networks.