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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2021

This topic describes the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS. Public DNS features authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) resolution, end-to-end recursive DNS resolution, access acceleration, global nodes, and stability.

End-to-end resolution and accelerated access to domain names

About a half of the domain names in China are hosted on Public DNS. The data of both authoritative DNS resolution and recursive DNS resolution is stored in Alibaba Cloud DNS. This reduces the number of recursive lookups so that requests for accessing domain names are directly sent to the requested nodes. This accelerates access to domain names.

Update of resolution results in seconds and support for switchover

  • Public DNS works with the authoritative servers of Alibaba Cloud DNS to update resolution results in seconds.

  • Public DNS supports various scheduling policies to achieve disaster recovery.

Global multi-node deployment

  • A total of 17 DNS cluster nodes are deployed around the globe. This allows users to access the nearest nodes with low latency.

  • Public DNS provides resolution lines of six major Internet service providers (ISPs) in China, which cover most provinces. The ISPs are China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, CERNET, Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group, and China Broadcasting Network. The resolution lines outside China are distributed in different countries.

  • Public DNS supports intelligent DNS resolution to direct users to the nearest nodes based on sources of access requests. This enables fast access with low latency.

Advanced technologies and rich experience in DNS

Alibaba Cloud has been committed to the DNS field for many years. It has developed a comprehensive series of DNS solutions. Alibaba Cloud can implement resolution on its authoritative and recursive DNS servers by using its own DNS solutions.

High service stability

Public DNS runs on abundant nodes and supports precise scheduling. Based on years of experience in the DNS field, Alibaba Cloud delivers high-quality and stable DNS services for all users.

Multi-terminal integration

Public DNS Commercial Edition supports multiple types of terminals. Terminals that run iOS or Android can access Public DNS Commercial Edition by using Alibaba Cloud Public DNS SDKs, API operations.