EIP bandwidth plan supports bandwidth sharing and reusing on a regional scale. After you create an EIP bandwidth plan, you can associate it with one or more EIPs in the same region. This allows you to manage public IP addresses in a uniform way and ensure a maximum bandwidth at the Gbit/s level.

Line types

EIP bandwidth plans support two line types: BGP (Multi-ISP) and BGP (Multi-ISP)_PRO. The following table lists the differences:

Item BGP (Multi-ISP) BGP (Multi-ISP)_PRO
Line types of EIPs supported by EIP bandwidth plans EIPs of BGP (Multi-ISP) EIPs of BGP (Multi-ISP)_PRO
Available regions All regions China (Hong Kong) only

Purchase an EIP bandwidth plan

To purchase an EIP bandwidth plan, visit the buy page.