The following tables list API operations available for use in Bastionhost.

Bastionhost instances

Operation Description
DescribeInstanceAttribute Queries the details about an instance.
DescribeInstances Queries instances.
ConfigInstanceSecurityGroups Configures security groups for a specified Bastionhost instance.
ConfigInstanceWhiteList Configures a whitelist of public IP addresses for a Bastionhost instance.
StartInstance Starts a specified Bastionhost instance.
EnableInstancePublicAccess Enables Internet access to a specified Bastionhost instance.
DisableInstancePublicAccess Disables Internet access to a Bastionhost instance.
ModifyInstanceAttribute Sets the attribute for a specified Bastionhost instance.
MoveResourceGroup Moves a Bastionhost instance to a specified resource group.


Operation Description
ListTagKeys Queries the keys of the tags bound to Bastionhost instances.
ListTagResources Queries the tags bound to one or more Bastionhost instances.
UntagResources Unbinds tags from a specified Bastionhost instance and deletes the tags at a time.
TagResources Creates and binds tags to specified Bastionhost instances.


Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries available regions where you can create Bastionhost instances.