Hologres provides the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver. You can use JDBC to connect to Hologres by following these steps:

  1. Download the JDBC driver.

    Download PostgreSQL JDBC Driver from the Maven repository. We recommend that you download V42.2.xx or a later version.

  2. Use JDBC to connect to Hologres.
    public class HologresTest {
        private void jdbcExample() throws Exception {
            String url = "jdbc:postgresql://{ENDPOINT}:{PORT}/{DBNAME}? user={ACCESS_ID}&password={ACCESS_KEY}";
            Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url);
            Statement st = conn.createStatement();
            String sql = "SELECT * FROM table where xxx limit 100";
            ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery(sql);
            String c1 = rs.getString(1);
  3. Analyze data.

    After you connect to Hologres by using JDBC, you can use standard SQL statements to analyze data. The typical data analytics scenarios include: