This topic describes how to save, save and publish, restore, unpublish, and republish a workbook. These features allow users to view only published workbooks. All changes made by developers are invisible to users until they are published.


You have logged on to the Quick BI console and created a workbook. For more information, see Create a workbook.

Background information

Workbooks are automatically published after they are saved. Users may view intermediate versions that are generated as developers save changes to the workbooks. To improve user experience, the save feature is separated from the publish feature, and the unpublish and republish features are added.

Save a workbook

You can save only the current operation by using the save feature.
  • After you create a workbook and save it, the workbook is not published. You can use the save and publish feature to publish a newly created workbook.
  • After you modify a published workbook, you can use the republish feature to republish the workbook.

Save and publish a workbook

You can use this feature to save the current operation and publish the workbook. This feature is available only for workbooks that are not published.

Restore a workbook

If you save your modifications to a published workbook but have not published the modifications, you can use the restore feature to restore the workbook to the latest published version.

Note This feature is supported only by published workbooks.

For example, an employee publishes a workbook and the manager gives some comments. However, after the employee makes modifications based on the comments of the manager, the manager prefers the previous version. In this case, the employee needs to restore the workbook to the previously published version. To restore a workbook, perform the following operations:

  1. On the workbook edit page, click the More icon icon in the top menu bar and select Restore.Restore icon
  2. In the message that appears, click OK.

Unpublish a workbook

You can unpublish a workbook. After the workbook is unpublished, it is invisible to users.

  1. On the workbook edit page, click the More icon icon and select Unpublish.Unpublish a workbook
  2. In the message that appears, click OK.

Republish a workbook

After you update a published workbook, you can republish it to make the updates available for users. You can republish a workbook if "To Be Updated" is displayed and the state of the workbook is Saved But Not Published.To Be Updated