The following tables list API operations available for use in Elastic Container Instance (ECI).

Table 1. Regions
Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries the most recent regions available for container groups.
Table 2. Container groups
Operation Description
CreateContainerGroup Creates a container group.
UpdateContainerGroup Updates a container group.
RestartContainerGroup Restarts a container group.
DeleteContainerGroup Deletes a container group.
DescribeContainerGroups Queries information about multiple container groups at a time.
ExecContainerCommand Runs commands in a container.
Table 3. Image caches
Operation Description
CreateImageCache Creates an image cache.
DeleteImageCache Deletes an image cache.
DescribeImageCaches Queries information about image caches.
Table 4. Monitoring and logs
Operation Description
DescribeContainerGroupMetric Queries the monitoring data of a container group.
DescribeMultiContainerGroupMetric Queries the monitoring data of multiple container groups at a time.
DescribeContainerLog Queries the logs of a container.
Table 5. Other operations
Operation Description
DescribeContainerGroupPrice Queries the price of a container group with the specified CPU and memory specifications.