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Create an event

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Description: Events facilitate you to define business scenarios where complex decisions are involved. For example, you can create events for registrations on PCs and marketing campaigns such as Double 11. You can define a type of user behavior as an event, such as account registration, mobile phone binding, or transaction processing. You can also define a type of system behavior as an event, such as coupon distribution or loan issuing.

Scenario: If you need to configure an independent set of policies for a business scenario, you can create an event to define the scenario. After you pass codes of multiple events to the decision engine, the decision engine routes requests to the policy sets of the events for computing.

1. Create an event.

Note: We recommend that you set an event name that can reflect the scenario. You cannot modify the name of an event after the event is created.

2. Optional. Select a template.

If a template that applies to the event exists, we recommend that you use the template. Then, the system automatically adds fields that are commonly used in the scenario, and associates variables that are required for policy configuration with the event.

3. Add custom fields.

Note: The name of each field in the same event must be unique.

4. Submit the event.

After you submit the event, the Events page appears, where you can find the created event. The system automatically assigns a code to the event. The system uses the eventCode parameter to automatically assign a code to the event. You must pass the value of the eventCode parameter when you add the event to the decision engine.