The VPC Access page in the Cloud Firewall console provides real-time traffic data between VPC networks. This helps you detect suspicious traffic and mitigate attacks in a timely manner. The VPC Access page displays the ranking of IP addresses by traffic between VPC networks, the ranking of sessions between VPC networks by traffic, the ports, and the assets in the specified VPC network.

Background information

Cloud Firewall provides VPC firewalls to detect suspicious network traffic between VPC networks. The VPC Access page displays all the traffic information detected by VPC firewalls.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Firewall console.
  2. Choose Traffic Analysis > VPC Access.
  3. Select a VPC network to view the corresponding traffic information.

    Select a VPC network

    On the VPC Access page, you can perform the following operations:

    • View the peak value and average value of both inbound and outbound traffic of the specified VPC network within a specified time period.
    • View the top 10, top 20, or top 50 IP addresses with the largest volumes of inbound traffic or outbound traffic.
    • View the ranking of sessions between VPC networks and the corresponding information, including the number of sessions, the traffic volume, and the ports.

      Click View in the Ratio column to view the port ratios.

    • View the ratios of all ports.
    • View the details of traffic between VPC networks, including the port and asset information.
      Traffic of the VPC network