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What is One Click Data Warehouse

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019


Before using the function of one-click data warehouse (one-click DW), perform the following steps:

Note: Before creating an Object Storage Service (OSS) data warehouse, make sure that Data Lake Analytics (DLA), ApsaraDB for RDS (RDS), and OSS are in the same region. Otherwise, the one-click DW function is unavailable.


Create an RDS instance as the data source according to your service requirements. For more information, see Quick Start for MySQL, Quick Start for SQL Server, Quick Start for PostgreSQL, or Quick Start for PPAS.


When using the OSS bucket as a data warehouse for storing RDS data or data in a user-created database based on Elastic Compute Service (ECS), perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up for OSS

  2. Create a bucket

  3. Create a folder

    You can determine whether to create a folder to store RDS data based on your business needs.


  1. Activate DLA

  2. Initialize the password of the DLA primary database account