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View operations logs

Last Updated: May 22, 2020

Intelligent Speech Interaction has interconnected with Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail so that you can view the operations logs of the console. This topic describes how to view the operations logs in ActionTrail.

1. Activate Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail

To visit the ActionTrail console, type in the address box of a browser, and then press Enter. You need to grant permissions related to Intelligent Speech Interaction to a RAM user before logging on to the ActionTrail console as the RAM user.

Activate Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail

  • Note: No fees are incurred when you activate ActionTrail and use the default features. If you store operations logs to a custom OSS bucket, you need to pay fees accordingly. For more information, see the pricing policy of ActionTrail.

2. Log on to the ActionTrail console and query the operations logs

Log on to the ActionTrail console. The History Search page appears. On this page, you can query the operations logs generated within the past 30 days. The operations logs of write events are queried most frequently.

Log on to the ActionTrail console

The following table describes the events corresponding to the console.

Application Event Description
Console AccessToken Obtains an access token.
Console CreateProject Creates a project.
Console DeleteAsrModel Deletes an automatic speech recognition (ASR) model.
Console DeleteData Deletes data.
Console DeleteProject Deletes a project.
Console PublishAsrModel Publishes an ASR model.
Console TrainAsrModel Trains an ASR model.
Console UpdateProject Updates a project.
Console UpdateTtsModel Updates a basic text-to-speech (TTS) model.
Console paidSuccessAndProduce Pays the fees for the corresponding service to take effect.
Customization platform AddDataToAsrLmModel Adds a training dataset for an ASR model.
Customization platform CreateAsrLmData Creates an ASR training dataset.
Customization platform CreateAsrLmModel Creates an ASR model.
Customization platform CreateAsrVocab Creates ASR hotwords.
Customization platform DeleteAsrLmData Deletes an ASR training dataset.
Customization platform DeleteAsrLmModel Deletes an ASR model.
Customization platform DeleteAsrVocab Deletes ASR hotwords.
Customization platform DeployAsrLmModel Deploys an ASR model.

3. Use other features of ActionTrail

For more information, see