Background information

ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition is a cloud-hosted database developed based on Lindorm used within Alibaba Group. It is completely compatible with native HBase databases and has been used to store large amounts of Alibaba internal business data since 2011. It provides support for a large number of core applications such as Taobao, Alipay, Cainiao, Youku, and Gaode. It also has been tested in significant events and activities such as Double 11, CCTV New Year’s Gala, and traveling during China National Day. Compared with HBase Community Edition, ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition has many advantages and provides enterprise-class capabilities in terms of cost, performance, stability, features, security, and usability. Overview

Lindorm is an internal distribution of Alibaba HBase, which is suitable for business that has high requirements on size, throughput, performance, and availability. It provides seamless scalability, high throughput, high availability, milliseconds of latency, tunable consistency levels, cost-effectiveness, and various types of indexes. For example, it can be used for big data services (unlimited scalability and high throughput), online services (low latency and high availability), and multi-functional queries.

The history of Lindorm

Time Events
2011.3 Lindorm 1.0 was released on Taobao and used in MaxCompute and log queue scenarios. It is developed based on ApsaraDB for HBase.
2012.3 The data size of Lindorm reached 100 TB and its performance reached 100,000 requests per second (RPS).
2013.5 Large clusters were released and the multi-tenancy was supported.
2014.1 The SQL feature was released, which is compatible with Phoenix.
2015.11 The high availability architecture was supported and the peak RPS exceeded 50 million.
2016.11 The number of servers reached 10,000. Lindorm was used as a Mid-end for services such as culture and entertainment, web mapping (AMAP), and online video (Youku).
2017.8 HBase Community Edition was commercialized on Alibaba Cloud and started providing charged services to enterprises in the cloud.
2018.7 Lindorm 2.0 was released. The internal engine was greatly upgraded and optimized, and the performance is 7 times compared with HBase Community Edition.
2019.8 ApsaraDB for HBase Performance-enhanced Edition (Lindorm) was commercialized. Multiple exclusive features were released in terms of storage, indexes, and disaster recovery.
2019.12 Based on the Serverless version developed by Lindorm, the lowest monthly price is less than 10 yuan, meeting the needs of small-scale production.
2020.06 Lindorm locates cloud-native multi-mode database, supports four models: wide table, timing, search, and file.

Key features

As an end-to-end NoSQL service, Lindorm is 100% compatible with open source HBase and optimized and extended. It is applicable to big data scenarios that require cost-effectiveness, high scalablility, and intelligent storage of structured and semi-structured data. Lindorm is one of the most fundamental storage services in Alibaba Group. Its leading-edge storage technologies have been tested by big data from Double 11 for many years. It is able to support hundreds of petabytes of data, handle hundreds of millions of requests per second, and provide hundreds of trillions of throughput on a daily basis.

Compared with HBase Community Edition, Lindorm provides many powerful and professional features that are more suitable for enterprises.