ApsaraDB for HBase Enhanced Edition is a distributed database engine developed based on Alibaba HBase (also known as Lindorm). It has been tested for many years and is completely compatible with native HBase databases. Compared with HBase Community Edition, Performance-enhanced Edition is much easier to use, and more secure and stable. It provides higher throughput and lower latency, and is more cost-effective. Performance-enhanced Edition supports enterprise-class features, such as multi-replica, hot and cold data separation, and multi-tenancy.

ApsaraDB for HBase Enhanced Edition is a hybrid real-time data storage service. It offers seamless scalability, high throughput, high availability, milliseconds of latency, tunable consistency levels, cost-effectiveness, and various types of indexes. It is suitable for businesses that have high requirements on scale, throughput, performance, and availability. For example, it can be used for big data services (unlimited scalability and high throughput), online services (low latency and high availability), and multi-functional queries.

In addition to the standard HBase API, ApsaraDB for HBase Enhanced Edition will soon support multiple consistency levels, multi-module API (not released yet), and other new features. For more information, see Benefits and Performance white paper.

Note: ApsaraDB for HBase Enhanced Edition currently does not support Phoenix SQL.