Modifies the attributes of a network ACL.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
Action String Yes ModifyNetworkAclAttributes

The name of this action. Value: ModifyNetworkAclAttributes.

NetworkAclId String Yes acl-bp1lhl0taikrxxxxxxxx

The ID of the network ACL.

RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The region to which the network ACL belongs.

To query the region ID, call DescribeRegions.

Description String No This is my NetworkAcl.

The description of the network ACL.

The description must be 2 to 256 characters in length. It must start with a letter but cannot start with http:// or https://.

NetworkAclName String No acl-1

The name of the network ACL.

The name must be 2 to 128 characters in length and can contain letters, numbers, underscores (_), and hyphens (-). It cannot start with http:// or https://.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
RequestId String 8F76C3E4-B39F-465D-B8B3-50BAF03CA833

The ID of the request.


Request example


Response example

XML format


JSON format


Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
500 InternalError The request processing has failed due to some unknown error. An error occurred while the request was being processed.

See common error codes