What is CPFS?

Alibaba Cloud CPFS is an expandable parallel file system that meets the requirements for high-performance computational scenarios. CPFS provides a unified namespace that enables concurrent access from hundreds of thousands of clients. The performance of a CPFS file system can reach a throughput of hundreds of Gbit/s, an IOPS of millions, and sub-millisecond level latency.

What are the most applicable scenarios for CPFS?

CPFS can meet the file storage requirements for computing-intensive scenarios, such as machine learning, big data analysis, media processing, and high-performance computational (HPC) scenarios including DNA sequencing, hydrocarbon exploration, and meteorological reanalysis.

How can I activate CPFS and create a CPFS file system?

If you have signed in Alibaba Cloud, after activating Network Attached Storage (NAS), you can log on to the NAS console to activate CPFS. If you need to use CPFS, you must first subscribe to a CPFS package to create a CPFS file system. In general, it takes several minutes to create a file system. After the file system is created, you can use computational instances to access and use the file system.

How can I access a CPFS file system by using computational instances?

You must download and install a CPFS client on a computational instance, and then mount a CPFS file system on the instance.

How can I access and process Object Storage Service (OSS) files in a CPFS system?

You can download OSS files to a CPFS file system for processing by using the ossutil tool.

Is CPFS compatible with the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)?

Yes, CPFS is compatible with POSIX.

How can I purchase CPFS? Which specifications are available?

You must subscribe to a CPFS package to create a file system with a certain specification. You can select a file system specification of 50 TB, 100 TB, or 150 TB. Each specification has a duration of one month, six months, or one year, respectively.