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SQL WorkBench/J

Last Updated: May 13, 2019

This topic describes how to connect to DLA by using SQL Workbench/J.


You have completed the following preparations:

  • Download and install the MySQL JDBC driver.

  • Download and install SQL Workbench/J.


  1. Start SQL Workbench/J and choose File > Manage Drivers….

  2. In the Manage drivers dialog box, select MySQL as the driver, add the JAR package of the driver, and click OK.

    JAR package

  3. Choose File > Connect window. In the Select Connection Profile dialog box that appears, set the parameters as required.


    The following table describes the parameters.

    Parameter Description
    Driver Select MySQL.
    URL The URL for DLA access, in the format of jdbc:mysql://hostname:port/name_of_database.

    In the URL, name_of_database indicates a schema created in DLA. You can also specify a URL without name_of_database.

    hostname is the address that is used to connect to DLA, which can be set in either of the following ways:

    • If SQL Workbench/J is installed on an ECS instance that is in the same region as DLA, specify a VPC address for DLA access in URL. Then, SQL Workbench/J connects to DLA through the VPC, which is faster and safer.
    • If SQL Workbench/J needs to connect to DLA through the Internet, specify a classic network address for DLA access in URL.
    Username The root account or sub-account for DLA access.
    Password The password of the username.
  4. After you configure the preceding parameters, click Test . After the connectivity test succeeds, click OK. After you successfully connect to DLA, you can manage data in DLA.