Fun is a tool that Alibaba Cloud provides for developing serverless applications. It allows you to define, develop, test, and debug serverless applications on your computer and then deploy them to Function Compute. This topic provides an overview of Fun to assist you in using Fun to develop and debug serverless applications for Link IoT Edge.

A serverless application consists of one or more Function Compute functions and resources such as events and API gateways related to the functions. You can use Fun, a Serverless Application Model (SAM) that Alibaba Cloud provides, to define a serverless application. For more information, see Serverless Application Model.

Fun provides a local mock Link IoT Edge environment that behaves similar to the officially released Link IoT Edge. You can create a SAM project and then build, test, and debug a serverless application defined by SAM in the local mock Link IoT Edge environment on your computer. In this way, you can identify issues of the application before publishing it. After the application passes the test, you can use Fun to deploy the application to Function Compute.Fun