This topic describes how to purchase a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) APP. Only an administrator can purchase an SAG APP. After an SAG APP is purchased, a corresponding SAG instance is generated, and the administrator can create client accounts by managing the instance.


  1. Log on to the Smart Access Gateway console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Smart Access Gateway APP.
  3. On the Smart Access Gateway APP page, click Create SmartAG to purchase an Alibaba Cloud network client.

    Parameter Description
    Region The region where the Alibaba Cloud network client is used.

    If the client is to be used in another region, we recommend that you purchase a client in that region. This is because a client will be connected to the network of the region where it is purchased.

    Number of client accounts The number of client accounts that the administrator can create. Generally, one account is created for each employee that needs to log on to the client.
    Note Currently, an administrator can purchase 5 to 1000 accounts for each client. Tiered pricing is applied based on the number of client accounts required. For more information, see Billing of Smart Access Gateway APP.
    Free data plan The specification of the free data plan provided for each account each month. The plan cannot be shared by different accounts. If a free data plan is not used up at the end of a month, the remaining traffic in the data plan does not carry over to the next month.
    Note Currently, only a 5 GB data plan is provided each month.
    Billing method used when a data plan is used up If a free data plan is used up, additional traffic usage is billed by the Pay-As-You-Go method.
    Duration of purchase The duration of purchase for the data plan under each account is on a monthly basis and auto renewal is supported.
  4. Click Buy Now and complete the payment.