Log Service can collect logs from various cloud products, such as ECS, OSS, and SLB. The logs record product information including operation information, operation statuses, and service statuses.

The following table lists the cloud products from which Log Service can collect logs:
Type Cloud product name Activation method Details
Elastic computing Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Through Logtail installation Logtail introduction
Container Service/Container Service for Kubernetes Through the Container Service console Text logs and stdout
Storage Object Storage Service (OSS) Through the OSS console OSS access logs
Network Server Load Balancer (SLB) Through the SLB console Access logs of Layer-7 SLB
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Through the VPC console Flow logs
API Gateway Through the API Gateway console API Gateway access logs
Security ActionTrail Through the ActionTrail console ActionTrail overview
DDoS Protection Through the DDoS Protection console DDOS Protection overview
Threat Detection Service Purchase Threat Detection Service Enterprise Edition and activate the service in the Threat Detection Service console. Log retrieval
Anti-Bot Service Through the Anti-Bot Service console Anti-Bot Service logs
Application Log Service (LOG) Through the Log Service console Log Service overview