Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service (ECS) can perform periodic checks on each instance to identify system issues. This topic describes how to view detected issues and check the instance health status on the ECS console or through API calls.


The instance health status is different from the life cycle status of your instance (such as pending, running, or stopped), instead it focuses on abnormal activities of network configuration, software crashes, and hardware usage. By monitoring the instance status, you can record network, software, or hardware issues in time to keep your applications running continuously in Alibaba Cloud ECS.

Meanwhile, by using the metric monitoring features of CloudMonitor, you can have systematic overview of computing resource maintenance.

Health status

The health status is returned for each instance query performed. If the health check is passed, the health status is Normal. When the health check fails, the health status returns other metrics. See the following tables for the list of health status codes:

Console UI API values Description Highlight color
Normal OK The health status check is passed. Green
Impaired Impaired The instance performance is impaired. Red
Warning The instance performance may have degraded because of maintenance or technical issues. Red
Maintaining The instance is under maintenance. Red
Initializing The instance is being initialized. Red
InsufficientData The health status cannot be determined because of insufficient data. Red
NotApplicable The instance health status is not applicable. Red

View the health status by using the console

  1. Find the ECS instance whose health status you want to view, and click the instance.
  2. View the health status of the instance in the upper-right corner of the Instance Details page.

View the health status by calling APIs

This section uses the Alibaba Cloud CLI to demonstrate the API procedure. For other developer tool instructions, see Quick start for ECS APIs.

  • Run the following commands to view the health status of a specific instance by calling DescribeInstances and DescribeInstancesFullStatus:
    aliyun ecs DescribeInstances --RegionId cn-hangzhou --output cols=InstanceId,InstanceName
    aliyun ecs DescribeInstancesFullStatus --RegionId cn-hangzhou --InstanceId.1 i-bp1afnc98r8k69XXXXXX --output cols=HealthStatus
  • Execute the following command to view the health status of instances located in a specific region by calling DescribeInstancesFullStatus:
    aliyun ecs DescribeInstancesFullStatus --RegionId cn-hangzhou --output cols=HealthStatus