"Yippi aims to grow its user base to become one of the largest super apps in Southeast Asia, and hopes to continue to work closely with Alibaba Cloud to explore more solutions in data trends and prediction."

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About Yippi

Yippi is the popular smart phone app that features an immersive messaging platform and an entertainment hub where creators from all walks of life can share content and host live streams. Beyond this, Yippi boasts several unique features rarely seen on other similar apps. For instance, the app can use the resonance of your smartphone to shield you from potentially dangerous EMF radiation. In addition to providing its users with even more fun and innovative features, Yippi hopes it can become one of the largest social and entertainment platforms of its kind in Southeast Asia, providing its creators with an even larger platform to grow.


Competing with other popular iPhone and Android apps, Yippi places a great deal of its attention in agile software development in order to achieve a shorter time-to-market for its smart phone app. And, with Yippi’s app serving as a growing entertainment platform, Yippi requires reliable and agile cloud services that have the necessary computing capacity to respond to sudden changes in the number of concurrent users on the Yippi app. Yippi also requires a sustainable and cost-effective solution to power its services on the web so that app content and popular live streams, can be delivered without any hiccups.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud was a clear choice for Yippi. Alibaba Cloud is the number one cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region, and offer global coverage with thousands of service nodes distributed in more than 70 countries and regions. And with a mature portfolio of products and services, Alibaba Cloud possesses the necessary networking and computing power that Yippi required to power its services now and in the future.


The solution architecture proposed for Yippi involved Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for PolarDB, Container Service for Kubernetes, and ApsaraVideo Live. Being specifically designed for business-critical applications that require fast performance, high concurrency, and automatic scaling, ApsaraDB for PolarDB helps to support Yippi’s high concurrency scenarios and provide quick, real-time auto scaling for sudden traffic spikes. The implementation of PolarDB at Yippi also greatly improved API response times, with an 8 times speed increase. Next, ApsaraVideo Live provided the necessary networking and computing support as well as real-time transcoding technology to ensure that Yippi’s content can go live without any hiccups, even in high concurrency scenarios. ApsaraVideo Live is equipped with several smart algorithms and can both maintain and enhance Yippi’s in-app user experience. And, at the same time, the ApsaraVideo Live team also helped Yippi to achieve a quick go-to-market strategy, and by using Alibaba Cloud Container Service, Yippi was able to deploy applications in the agile environment.

Looking Forward

In the future, Yippi aims to grow its user base to be one of the largest super apps in Southeast Asia, and hopes to continue to work closely with Alibaba Cloud to explore more solutions in data trends and prediction. The company will pay special attention to the social media and entertainment aspects of its app over the next five years, and believe that working with Alibaba Cloud will secure their future roadmap goals.