"The partnership between Alibaba Cloud and HKBN Enterprise Solutions has ensured a win-win scenario for YF Life. Their collaborative efforts enabled YF Life to focus on strategic areas without having to worry about network, infrastructure, security, or compliance challenges."

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About YF Life

As a member of the publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group, YF Life Insurance International Limited (YF Life) is dedicated to providing top-quality insurance solutions and services to meet customers’ needs. With a robust financial background and solid reliability, YF Life is committed to creating a brighter future for individuals and families by providing professional and technology-enhanced one-stop risk- and wealth-management consulting services, as well as mandatory provident fund (MPF) services. YF Life combines visionary leadership with emerging FinTech opportunities and digital platforms for enhanced efficiency. Its technology-enhanced approach offers competitive global insights and insurance intelligence to create greater customer value and to contribute to the industry.


With growth comes challenges. YF Life aims to provide the best services but has been encountering multiple challenges in scaling up, including: • High Latency, Low Bandwidth, Low Availability Large amounts of data with numerous transmission requests require high speed and low latency. Remote communication often overburdens the existing network and leads to frequent latency and bandwidth problems. In order to support a high volume of data transmission and manage recurring packet loss, it is imperative that the current network needs to be enhanced to maintain stability and availability of YF Life's business-critical applications. • Complex Deployment and High Cost of Cross-region Network The success of a global service operation relies on the integration among multiple locations and operating systems across regions. However, setting up a network from scratch requires a deep understanding of complicated network configurations and deployment along with huge infrastructure investment costs. • Network Security Financial services enterprises like YF Life are the custodians of large amounts of important data, and keeping it secure is always a top priority. Preventive measures against network attacks are therefore of paramount importance. • Adherence to Regulatory Compliances According to The Hong Kong Insurance Authority and Macau’s Autoridade Monetaria De Macau (AMCM), insurance institutions need to comply with a set of cybersecurity laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relevant to their particular data processing platform. YF Life will ensure that all rules and regulations will be fulfilled for managing operational data. For these reasons, YF Life has been seeking a reliable technology partner to help deploy a high-speed and secure connection to interconnect business systems, maximize bandwidth, and accelerate content delivery while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Why Alibaba Cloud

With its vast experience in supporting local enterprises and a rich cloud services portfolio, Alibaba Cloud emerged as the preferred choice for YF Life to deploy a high-speed, reliable, compliant cross-region network empowering business expansions. Alibaba Cloud provides tailored solutions for the Fintech industry, and dedicated local support via a trusted partner.


YF Life leveraged an array of solutions to accomplish its goals. Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration (GA) played a key role in speeding up network transmission and reducing latency to provide seamless services anywhere. GA also allowed fast network access from the nearest node to reduce the impact of latency or packet loss. YF Life also successfully deployed a global network with Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN). CEN helped YF Life prevent network interruption or congestion while minimizing packet loss and ensuring seamless communication in a Work From Anywhere strategy. Alibaba Cloud Express Connect further empowered YF Life to overcome secure transmission challenges by creating dedicated private lines. Since all data is transmitted through Alibaba Cloud facilities, this drastically reduces the risk of data security issues. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud's one-stop quotation service, CloudQuotation, provides out-of-the-box services giving access to quotations from stock exchanges all around the world in real-time. CloudQuotation also provided YF Life with security measures such as login authentication, data encryption, and cluster security management to prevent data loss.

Partnership Value

Alibaba Cloud collaborated with one of their leading partners in the region, HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBN), to support YF Life's strategic plans to expand regional coverage and serve clients even more efficiently. HKBN is a Hong Kong-based integrated telecom and technology solutions provider with operations spanning across Asia. The group offers a comprehensive range of premier ICT services to both the enterprise and residential markets. With an extensive range of one-stop solutions from connectivity and cloud to digital transformation and managed IT, HKBN helps enterprises solve complex challenges and capture growth opportunities via digital transformation in today's digital age. In partnership with Alibaba Cloud, HKBN supports customers with ultra-fast and reliable network connectivity and technology expertise, as well as streamline the challenges of multi-cloud integration, multi-cloud management, cloud-based security, Security Operations Center (SOC), security enhancement, and more, by providing solutions from connectivity, cloud-to-digital transformation and managed IT services. The partnership between Alibaba Cloud and HKBN ensures a win-win scenario for YF Life. Alibaba Cloud also empowered HKBN with world-class cloud computing services that are accessible globally through one single account. This allows HKBN to fully optimize the infrastructure for YF Life, taking advantage of Alibaba Cloud's flexible pricing methods and cost-effective solutions. These collaborative efforts have enabled YF Life to focus on strategic business areas without having to worry about network, infrastructure, or security.

Looking Forward

Working with Alibaba Cloud along with partner HKBN has helped YF Life in multiple ways. Moving forward, YF Life is looking to continue and grow the relationship with Alibaba Cloud by leveraging a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services. YF Life will also leverage Alibaba Cloud’s deep FinTech expertise and regional infrastructure to meet complex cross-region network demands, and to support its ambitious future expansion plans.