“We’ve seen a significant cost reduction in our overall cloud costs and at the same time a performance improvement for all our web-based cloud services, which has given us peace of mind that the service can grow with us as our requirements increase”. – Bryan Yan, Operations Manager Yeeyi

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About Yeeyi

Founded in 2006, Yeeyi is one of Australia's largest platforms for Chinese news, general information, and local classified ads. Yeeyi has consistently ranked first among Chinese-language websites in Australia. And for over 10 years, Yeeyi has been committed to providing the Chinese-Australian community with high quality news, lifestyle information as well as a large variety of other local services. These services cover a wide range of industries and topics including everything from local lifestyle, travel planning, and housing and dining accommodations, all the way to topics like immigration and corporate travel information.


Before working with Alibaba Cloud, Yeeyi was relying on an in-house solution made with a limited number of large servers to run its business. However, Yeeyi’s system was unsustainable, lacking the necessary redundancy and scalability for its business, especially during large campaign periods. Under pressure, the servers periodically overloaded and crashed, giving Yeeyi’s IT team immense pressure to get the system back up and running in a timely manner. Moreover, its system has brought with it a lot of overhead and a high cost of management. And, on top of all of this, much of its system has been provisioned from a US supplier, which has brought great logistical challenges to Australia-based Yeeyi. Therefore, given the immense issues and challenges of maintaining this system, Yeeyi needed to invest in cloud computing services, with servers in Australia, to ensure the availability and performance of its services, and reduce operations and maintenance costs and overhead.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud was a clear choice for Yeeyi. Alibaba Cloud possesses a good reputation in the Asia Pacific region for its highly capable and reliable cloud services, and the extensive portfolio of services and products at Alibaba Cloud are well aligned with Yeeyi’s specific business requirements. On reviewing a number of Alibaba Cloud products and solutions, Yeeyi’s IT team identified a series of products that would make for a suitable and highly capable solution for its business. Alibaba’s solution was not only much more cost effective than Yeeyi’s existing IT system, but the technical experts at Alibaba were also extremely helpful during the migration period, providing Yeeyi with clear guidance as well as local, onsite support.


The solution implemented at Yeeyi is a comprehensive web-based service system built up of several of Alibaba Cloud’s products and services, including Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB for RDS, Server Load Balancer (SLB), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Elasticsearch. These products together have provided Yeeyi with the necessary scalability, performance, and availability required for Yeeyi’s large and growing web-based services. Moreover, the proposed solution also provides the necessary redundancy to sustain the company’s resources, specifically through utilising a web front-tier and backend RDS tier by using multiple read-only replicas of the RDS database system. Through this system, Yeeyi have been able to manage utilisation peaks much more effectively, allowing the company to free up resources and focus on other IT projects.

Looking forward

With its initial mission still at heart, Yeeyi is committed to supporting the Chinese community based in Australia and will continue to enhance its offerings by providing new and engaging digital content and offers based on the needs and wants of its customers and the larger Chinese-Australian community. To achieve this goal, Yeeyi will continue to leverage the services and support of Alibaba Cloud, continuing this productive relationship into the future. Yeeyi and parent company E2 Media also work closely with Alibaba Group in both Australia and New Zealand to support key events such as the Alibaba Ecosystem Expo held each in year Australia and New Zealand.