"Vantage FX found that Alibaba Cloud offered the best, most suitable suite of purpose-built components that protect against all the common attack threats."

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About Vantage FX

Vantage FX is a CFD (Contract For Difference) broker specializing in Forex, Indices, Commodities and Global Share CFDs. Vantage FX's mission is to help clients pursue their financial trading goals through offering regulated and transparent access to global markets.


One major challenge for Vantage FX is that they require a complete IT solution that can cover all major regions across the globe, including Europe and the Americas, but also Asia Pacific, with China being a particularly important market. A complete global solution is important because Vantage FX has offices in several different locations, including in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia, along with the Cayman Islands and Australia, and their clients are also located across the world. Another challenge is that scale and computing power are key service requirements. As a global financial services provider, Vantage FX needs to ensure that, as business evolves, Vantage FX can rely on a solid and reliable infrastructure that can grow with these changes. Also, due to the scale that Vantage FX requires, the level of security required must both meet and exceed the strictest of requirements. Vantage FX's clients trust that their funds and data are not only protected, but that their privacy is respected at the highest level.

Why Alibaba Cloud

After considering all the major public cloud providers to see which provider’s strengths best aligned with Vantage FX's business requirements, they chose Alibaba Cloud. Given that it was important for several different cloud services to work seamlessly together, Vantage FX needed a vendor that could not only service but also assemble and even implement a strategy between multiple cloud components. Vantage FX found that Alibaba Cloud offered the best, most suitable suite of purpose-built components that protect against all the common attack threats, as well as provides various countermeasures against lesser-known attacks. And where Alibaba Cloud particularly stood out was the safeguarding of sensitive data and online transactions.


After partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Vantage FX started to build a service architecture with server-side solutions, in particular with Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. Alibaba Cloud ECS provides low latency for powering several different applications on the cloud and also allows for easy auto scaling to meet business changes in a quick and convenient manner. Given these advantages, during volatile economic periods, Vantage FX can easily scale resource resources to meet higher trade volumes and client activity requirements. For managing our client and trade databases, Vantage FX required a service solution that allowed data to be written, read, and synchronized in real-time across our different data centers. Alibaba Cloud offered a solution that both allowed for real-time data synchronization and for disaster recovery, backups, and restores, as well as monitoring at a variety of physical locations around the world. This in turn meant that Vantage FX could have an unlimited capacity to support further growth and low-latency access to massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world. This service suite also ensures that client data is never compromised. A majority of Vantage FX's business is servicing clients located in China. In the past, given the challenges of cross-border connectivity, several users in China experienced performance issues with Vantage FX's services. Alibaba Cloud ExpressConnect helped to circumvent these challenges through the leased line service, which establishes a secure high bandwidth connection between Vantage FX networks across all regional data centers so that all users can experience uninterrupted connections no matter where they are in the world. Vantage FX's risk management tools have been enriched by Alibaba Cloud's service different on-cloud services, in particular the big data platform and several different AI capabilities. These components help to support Vantage FX's anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policies as well as a set of risk management measures imposed by the responsible regulatory authorities that oversee financial services companies in the various jurisdictions in which Vantage FX services are located.

Looking Forward

In the future, Vantage FX intends to integrate more machine learning and AI resources and technologies into a variety of its business units and internal departments. Through leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s machine learning components for data analytics, Vantage FX can further optimize service packages and increase the value of its services through gaining insights into customer behavior. Vantage FX hopes, through gaining insights into customer behavior, it can continue to deliver services that are even more client centric, both meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Along the same lines, Vantage FX also hopes to continue to evolve and stay ahead of its competition by increasing overall business transparency, improving overall quality of service, and diversifying its product portfolio. The market, and finance technology in general, will continue to grow and expand, with there being a huge space for continued innovation. And, by partnering with Alibaba Cloud, Vantage FX now have the infrastructure to expand and evolve with the industry, as its business continues to expand globally.