"For Tanahmu, data is the new soil—to be mined and analyzed. Alibaba Cloud’s all-in-one cloud platform allowed Tanahmu to easily integrate its capabilities to build a high-performance and reliable platform for its users."

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About Tanahmu

Tanahmu serves as a platform that enables six categories of industry players, namely farmers, raw material suppliers, product producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers to trade under a brand new agro-ecosystem. All categories of players could obtain various information on farming practices, local weather conditions, location of raw material and product supply, market access, and prices. This platform thus facilitates business matching between the industry players. Based on the fair review system at Tanahmu's new agro-ecosystem, reliable products could be sold and purchased at a fair and reasonable basis.


One of the biggest challenges that Tanahmu faces is to integrate and consolidate data collected from various data sources. The large amounts of data generated by these data sources also increase the overall cost of setting up data analytics facilities and for interpreting and summarizing the results and findings. A traditional deployment is not an option, due to the high cost of initial investment on IT Infrastructure (CAPEX), as well as for the reoccurring charges on resources that are not utilized (OPEX.) What's more, Tanahmu lacked the market exposure and needed a provider that could not only provide technical expertise but also one that could help Tanahmu expand its presence by taking advantage of the provider's ecosystem.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Tanahmu chose Alibaba Cloud as its cloud and technology provider to take advantage of our all-in-one cloud platform. Tanahmu was able to easily integrate its capabilities to build a high-performance and reliable platform for its users. Tanahmu also benefitted by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s data intelligence platform to make better, more informed decisions with big data. Alibaba Cloud's technical expertise and proven local use cases were also the key factors of consideration for Tanahmu. The strong support from Alibaba Cloud's local team and partners also enabled Tanahmu to deploy solutions quickly and increase brand awareness locally.


Tanahmu took full advantage of the scalability provided by Alibaba Cloud, particularly through our Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Server Load Balancer (SLB) products. By using these two products in tandem, Tanahmu was able to quickly respond to sudden traffic spikes and minimize response time, while keeping CAPEX and OPEX at a minimum. Tanahmu also leveraged Object Storage Service (OSS) for data storage. Unlike a traditional on-premises storage solution, OSS enables Tanahmu to reliably store a large amount of data on the cloud, providing data durability of at least 99.9999999999% (twelve 9s). In order to keep its data and infrastructure safe from cyberattacks, Tanahmu uses Alibaba Cloud's suite of security products. Alibaba Cloud security services reduce the heavy lifting required to tackle key enterprise security challenges on the cloud and help Tanahmu quickly establish robust, end-to-end protection to address a wide variety of security issues.

Looking Forward

Tanahmu's vision is to empower farmers to grow its comparative advantage through Agriculture Technologies. For Tanahmu, data is the new soil—to be mined and analyzed. Soon, farmers will be accessing information and knowledge through their mobile devices. This will make a real difference to the economy’s bottom line while also helping farmers realize the economic benefits, bringing higher quality and safer foods to consumers. By working with Alibaba Cloud, Tanahmu can enable the agriculture industry to revolutionize the way we farm, buy, sell, and improve food products.