"We simply use Alibaba Cloud to deploy all our IT requirements. The services provided by Alibaba Cloud are mutually integrated and can be managed on a single platform."

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About Sejahtera Group

Sejahtera Group is the parent company of Sales1CRM. Sales1CRM is the Software-As-A-Service company which is focusing on CRM service for many verticals such as Banking, Distribution, Property, and Logistics, to name a few. Currently, it has several Indonesia enterprise customers in many different industries.

The Challenge

Indonesia's economy is slated to become Southeast Asia's largest economies. As Indonesia's economy booms so have Sales1CRM customer base, but with growth came new challenges. Sales1CRM found that its existing IT infrastructure was struggling to keep up with its customer's demands. Sales1CRM need to increase the capacity, and scalability led them to Alibaba Cloud.

The Solution

Alibaba Cloud had an answer to all their problems with their cloud services. With Alibaba Cloud, Sales1CRM didn't need to invest huge money upfront for IT Infrastructure. Instead, they simply used Alibaba Cloud to deploy all our IT requirements, which are integrated and can be managed on a unified platform.