We were able to sit down one on one with Alibaba Cloud solution architects, that would look at our solutions and would tell us how to optimize our solution to give our customers the best experiences possible.

Featured Products

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About Rocketbots

Rocketbots is a good type of bot. They help businesses of all sizes track customer engagement and customer service to ensure that every customer has a terrific experience. Sometimes humans can be slow to react, so they took it upon themselves to piece together the speed of computers with the personality of humans to create lasting experiences for their customers.

Rocketbots’ Mission

Rocketbots’ mission is to improve the relationship between businesses and their customers. With over 4 billion messaging accounts worldwide, people spend more time messaging than any other activity online. This shift, combined with the power of conversation at scale, creates an opportunity to make interacting with the brands we trust more useful, more immediate, and ultimately more intimate. As consumers grow to demand personal communication on a wide variety of channels, businesses are looking to their software vendors and partners to innovate and deliver these customer experiences.

The Challenge

Since Rocketbots in its essence is a software solution built on the cloud, they needed the availability to give their customers their high-end solution at any time. For other providers giving Rocketbots the availability, they needed in Southeast Asia proved difficult.

Why Alibaba Cloud

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s many data centers throughout Asia, Rocketbots was able to give their customers an optimized solution that would work well and more importantly was available when they needed it. Also, after migrating to Alibaba Cloud, Rocketbots has increased performance by 25 percent through optimized instances but also has reduced costs by 65 percent because Alibaba Cloud does not charge for internal bandwidth. A few products they use are SLB which sends traffic to different servers throughout Asia, API gateway which allows them to access many of the chat platforms they help businesses communicate on and finally Function Compute enables Rocketbots to run code without needing a server already up and running.