"Alibaba Cloud has helped RedMart manage our software applications in a flexible, reliable, and cost effective manner. Alibaba Cloud has played a pivotal role in helping us convince customers about our customer focus and commitment to be more reliable and responsive." - Ashish Awasthi, EVP of RedMart

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Elastic Compute Service - ECSContainer Service for Kubernetes - ACKApsaraDB for Redis

About RedMart

RedMart, a part of the Lazada Group, is an online supermarket in Singapore. It offers a world-class, online shopping and delivery experience through its innovative mobile and web platforms. It sells more than 160,000 products, making it the biggest online supermarket in Singapore, and users can choose to receive orders according to a time best suited for them: ● 2-hour delivery windows ● 6-hour delivery windows ● Deliveries made before 7am


One of the biggest challenges for RedMart is to provide easy shopping and prompt delivery to their customers. To provide the convenience of home delivery 7 days a week, all-year-round to its customers, RedMart needed a strong IT backbone to support its digitization efforts. Business scenarios associated with RedMart's technology adoption include an official website, its official mobile app, a product stock and inventory management system, and a logistics system.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has a strong cloud-based platform capacity, a comprehensive e-commerce backbone, and offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Helped by Alibaba Cloud technology innovations, RedMart successfully maintained one of the industry’s best delivery record and customer satisfaction score despite the spike in demand for grocery deliveries. This wouldn’t be possible without the reliability, availability, and extensibility of the cloud infrastructure provided by Alibaba Cloud.


RedMart takes advantage of Alibaba Cloud's suite of IaaS offering to move its traditional infrastructure to the cloud. Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and ApsaraDB for RDS databases are used to help RedMart scale quickly based on business demands and to keep the TCO at a minimum. RedMart also uses more advanced services from Alibaba Cloud to build a cloud-native architecture, such as Container Service for Kubernetes. Container Service for Kubernetes simplifies the deployment and scale-out operations of Kubernetes clusters, and integrates Alibaba Cloud capabilities of virtualization, storage, networking, and security. RedMart leverages Container Service for Kubernetes on its technology stack, providing an ideal environment for it to deploy containerized applications.

Looking Forward

Alibaba Cloud has helped RedMart’s business grow rapidly. RedMart’s official website now runs twice as fast. RedMart hopes to continually grow in the competitive e-commerce market through its digitalization efforts with the support of Alibaba Cloud's innovative products.