"We were able to ensure low latency, high concurrency, high-definition, and smooth playback services for our customers through the Alibaba Cloud comprehensive one-stop media solution."

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About Newegg

Founded in 2001, Newegg is a technology-focused e-commerce company based in North America, with a global customer reach including Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. According to Web Retailer’s report, Newegg ranked as the No. 1 global electronics online marketplace retailer in terms of monthly visitors.


As its global business continued to grow, Newegg’s team envisioned the need to use advanced digital technologies to maintain the flexibility, mobility, and scalability of its architecture and also protect its digital assets against emerging cyber threats and attacks. For Newegg, choosing the right technology partner with market expertise was essential.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Through the Alibaba Cloud comprehensive one-stop media solution, Newegg is able to provide low latency, high concurrency, high-definition, and smooth playback services to its customers. Also, through the Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo product series, Newegg is now able to easily integrate its systems with the livestreaming services.


Newegg leveraged the Alibaba Cloud battle-tested technology from Double 11 to develop Newegg Live, the company’s first app-based livestreaming platform. This platform allows customers to interact with hosts while securing exclusive real-time deals, available only on mobile during the livestream. Unlike conventional e-commerce apps, Newegg Live provides a better and more interactive shopping experience for customers. Customers can interact with hosts in real time to ask questions and learn more about products. Newegg Live not only allows customers to clear up queries, but also feel more valued by being a part of a group experience. This livestreaming feature is achieved by integrating the ApsaraVideo Live API with the Newegg app.

Looking Forward

Livestreaming has become an increasingly popular trend in e-commerce shopping. Many new and existing e-commerce marketplaces and social media sites have been introducing livestreaming features to their platforms to catch up with this trend. Newegg hopes to be at the forefront of this trend globally and replicate the success that has been seen in China by working closely with Alibaba Cloud and the Alibaba ecosystem.