“As we've evolved into a leading cross-border e-commerce business, we are embracing and leveraging technologies in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, which enable us to deliver best-in-class services to our customers. The Alibaba Cloud team has been highly engaged and supportive throughout our entire cloud migration journey and we’ve worked together to build the foundation to transform our IT architecture to be cloud native and future proof.”

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About New Aim

New Aim is a leading Australian online business supplying thousands of innovative products to online marketplaces, including home and office furniture, electrical appliances, tools and garden, and children’s products. Founded in 2005, New Aim supplies well-known brands including Giselle Bedding, Artiss, Devanti, Giantz, Keezi, and Everfit. In addition to New Aim's retail business, it also sells wholesale to customers such as Harvey Norman, Fantastic Furniture, Catch Group, Kogan, mydeal.com.au, Temple & Webster, Matt Blatt, Groupon, eBay, and Amazon. New Aim is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, employing over 250 people and occupying 66,000 sqm of warehouse space, with an annual turnover in excess of $300 million as of 2020.


New Aim had a majority of its IT infrastructure hosted on-premises, which from an operational perspective lacked the elasticity and scalability to handle large online promotions. This also impacted the sales process and user experience for customers. The rigid on-premises data center increased the cost of innovation and experimentation and proved to be a huge barrier for the IT team to implement any form of data discovery and insight for the business. As the business has grown dramatically over recent years, on-premises infrastructure can sometimes struggle to keep up with the requirements of rapid development and changes within the business. New Aim also has multiple offices and teams in different countries so a cloud based infrastructure solution was evaluated to provide a quality local network, stable interconnectivity, and flexibility for the team. The business had also been using edge-cutting technology to find valuable business insights, such as market trends, pricing dynamics and consumer sentiment, all of which require a large amount of on-demand and scalable computing power with extreme flexibility.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provided hands-on and proactive engineering support during the evaluation process and cloud migration. New Aim has also established close partnership with Alibaba Cloud’s local solution architecture team to explore ways to extract and unlock value from its business data. Alibaba Cloud enabled New Aim to grow rapidly by providing it with the necessary tools and services, including: • Products: Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB for RDS MySQL, CEN, CDN, and OSS. • Support Services: Deployment and architecture design, technical training, architectural workshop, and issue troubleshooting support. • Data and Cloud Architecture Consultation: Feasibility study of using big data analytics for predictable stock management.

The Results

With the help and close collaboration with Alibaba Cloud’s solution architecture team, New Aim has successfully migrated all of its systems onto Alibaba Cloud. New Aim now has multiple initiatives on its road map for data analytics, which will transform the business to be more data driven. This will in turn allow it to make smarter decisions for the business and its clients. Through the support of Alibaba Cloud, New Aim has evolved into a leading cross-border e-commerce vendor with technologies that provide it with latest market trends, price dynamics, and consumer insight. Alibaba Cloud’s mature Big Data and AI technologies and expertise from decades of e-commerce learning has empowered New Aim to take the lead in this ever-changing business.

Looking Forward

New Aim will continue to work alongside Alibaba Cloud to evaluate how cloud services can enhance its business performance and improve customer experience across its service offerings.