"Alibaba Cloud provides end-to-end services, including solutions and implementation. Their strong logistics capability helped us build the new data center in Singapore just like a click of a button."

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ND LABS is a metaverse-oriented decentralized storage computing services provider. It provides innovative, reliable, and cost-effective services across multiple regions, including Singapore and the United States.


The accelerated business growth in the recent past encouraged ND LABS to expand their footprints globally. However, there were multiple challenges on their way to such an ambitious expansion plan. The resources in their international data centers weren't sufficient to support their future growth ambitions. Moreover, technology localization and implementation became the most prominent challenges concerning global expansion. Despite having the technical expertise to execute its plan, ND LABS still needed additional support from a reliable technology partner to overcome these roadblocks through scalable and cost-effective cloud services.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud became the trusted partner for ND LABS because it offered world-class technology that removed various barriers and helped them connect with customers worldwide seamlessly. Alibaba Cloud’s strategically located data centers in 25+ regions around the world offered reliable computing and storage support as required by ND LABS. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud, ND LABS could also benefit from its cutting-edge technology in distributed storage infrastructure, offering high performance, low latency, and high availability. In addition, the Alibaba Cloud partnership also provided ND LABS with access to an extensive global network of logistics and supply chain partners.


Alibaba Cloud offered an end-to-end storage solution that helped ND LABS store and manage enormous volumes of metaverse content in its data centers worldwide. Alibaba Cloud provided high performance and cost-efficient storage hardware as a part of the storage solution to support high data transfer rates. In addition, it delivered proprietary storage software, allowing ND LABS to fully utilize its data center resources and achieve maximum storage output. Setting up local data centers across regions also helped ND LABS overcome technology localization and implementation barriers.

Looking Forward

ND LABS is looking forward to expanding rapidly. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud will enable them to achieve their aggressive growth plans. ND LABS is also looking forward to setting up more international data centers to manage large data volumes. Alibaba Cloud will help ND LABS achieve their goals by offering reliable and secure cloud storage services and end-to-end support. In the future, ND LABS will focus on further enhancing and modernizing its distributed storage capabilities to manage vast volumes of data with consistent support from Alibaba Cloud.