"Alibaba Cloud also offered security and network solutions to protect and speed up MOpress' website along with dedicated local technical support capabilities across multiple support channels, including DingTalk."

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About MOpress

MOpress.io is Malaysia's first on-demand content marketplace bringing together content creators, publishers, and business owners via a platform powered by advanced technology. The platform currently connects 6000+ content creators or storytellers from varied industry backgrounds with digital publishers to create a sharing economy for the new-age publishing industry. MOpress facilitates publishers and business owners in sourcing on-demand premium quality content while allowing the content creators with vast creative experiences, including journalists, freelancers, or industry experts, to generate additional earnings by creating textual, visual, and video content.


Website speed directly impacts the user experience and the overall success of digital-native businesses like MOpress. The on-demand content marketplace faced a host of challenges to accelerate page load time and optimize website performance. These challenges include: • Unstable Network and High Latency: In today's era of 5G, one of the primary requirements is the need for a stable, fast, and low latency network. MOpress faced unstable connections with its existing network and service providers. Therefore, it wanted a partner that could ensure a highly available network connection around the clock, with higher network reliability and lower latency. • Slow Load Time for Images: Content creators on MOpress generate a substantial volume of content, including images and media. MOpress encountered website performance issues while users accessed the website since images stored in its storage server often load very slowly, dragging down its site speed. The company was looking for a cloud storage solution to store and manage images and media efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. • Acute Need for a Scalable, Agile, and Secure Storage: MOpress produces massive amounts of data every day, including large volumes of media and images. For ensuring seamless operations, the MOpress needed a scalable and reliable storage solution that can store any amount of data while effortlessly supporting multiple use cases, including content distribution, website optimization, and secure backup.

Why Alibaba Cloud

MOpress was exploring options to collaborate with a dependable cloud technology partner who could provide a comprehensive suite of storage, security, and network solutions to address its challenges. Alibaba Cloud was the first choice for MOpress to accelerate its growth journey. With 110+ point of presence (POP) nodes, 2,800+ CDN nodes, and 82 availability zones in 26 regions, Alibaba Cloud's networking services is capable of delivering secure and reliable communication globally. Moreover, MOpress trusted Alibaba Cloud as a preferred partner owing to its cost-effective, highly durable cloud storage services. Alibaba Cloud also offered security and network solutions to protect and speed up MOpress' website along with dedicated local technical support capabilities across multiple support channels, including DingTalk. MOpress also leveraged Alibaba Cloud's extensive enablement and training sessions to steer through the digital transformation journey successfully.


MOpress implemented Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network for accelerated distribution of its content, resolving the delivery latency problem caused by bandwidth and server performance issues. Alibaba Cloud CDN's intelligent connection selection, smart compression, and a backbone network with 10-GE NICs and SSD storage ensure web page optimization and smooth content delivery. Furthermore, MOpress also deployed Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud service to build an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment. MOpress also took advantage of Alibaba Cloud's Object Storage Service (OSS) to store, manage, and access the massive amount of content it has, including high-resolution images and heavy media files. OSS also helped MOpress quickly process images with a built-in media processing feature that allows resizing images or changing formats for optimizing web page load time. Additionally, MOpress implemented Anti-DDoS to intelligently defend its platform against vulnerable attacks. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS service employs global scrubbing centers to create a secure network with over 10 Tbps total mitigation capacity.

Looking Forward

MOpress envisions modernizing its infrastructure further to become a future-ready on-demand content creation platform in the digital publishing industry. The company looks forward to enhancing this partnership by taking advantage of Alibaba Cloud's big data and business intelligence capabilities.