"Partnering with Alibaba Cloud has helped Median Technologies optimize IT infrastructure and focus on pushing the boundaries of today’s MedTech solutions to deliver better patient care tomorrow."

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About Median Technologies

Median Technologies is a European MedTech company that offers innovative medical imaging solutions and services for patient care and clinical trials led by large pharmaceutical groups, Biotech companies and CROs. Median leverages the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to push the boundaries of what medical imaging technologies can do in disease early diagnosis, prognosis and follow up. The company helps improving patient care based on precision medicine and accelerating the development of next-generation therapies for various types of cancer and chronic diseases.


Median Technologies has developed a strong brand presence, team and business in China, a challenging market to break into, and was looking for a global partner able to serve its imaging CRO business and operation ramp up. The company understood that it needed local technology and business partners to achieve its expansion goals in the region and better serve its biopharmaceutical customers in China. Moreover, the company needed assistance with ICP filing, a complex IT compliance required by the Chinese government to host websites using local servers and Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure.

Why Alibaba Cloud

As a leading cloud service provider in APAC and across the world , Alibaba Cloud was the obvious choice for Median Technologies. Alibaba Cloud’s presence in Europe and globally recognized technological innovations also meant that Median Technologies could rely on one cloud service provider for its cloud computing requirements, integrate their systems using a single platform, and deliver imaging solutions and services seamlessly.
Moreover, Alibaba Cloud offers an ICP Filing Consulting Service that Median Technologies can leverage to deliver services to its Chinese customers as per the rules set by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). All of this meant that Alibaba Cloud is the perfect technology and business partner Median Technologies needed.


After doing preliminary testing, Median Technologies preferred Alibaba Cloud as its cloud service provider across China and Europe regions to support its imaging CRO activities. The company deployed its platform with a cloud-based architecture and hosted its innovative solutions.
Effectively, Median Technologies migrated a large part of its on-premises infrastructure to the Alibaba Cloud Frankfurt availability zones, allowing it to cut down infrastructure spending while maintaining its solutions’ high-performance. The company uses Elastic Compute Service (ECS) clusters for platform deployment and processing requirements. It leverages multiple storage types offered by Object Storage Service (OSS) to store and retrieve intelligence and insight securely, optimally, and cost-effectively.
Moreover, Median Technologies relies on Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) so their teams can easily access their technology infrastructure and their partners and affiliates in China can seamlessly collaborate and deliver better imaging solutions faster.

Looking Forward

Partnering with Alibaba Cloud has helped Median Technologies optimize IT infrastructure and focus on pushing the boundaries of today’s MedTech solutions to deliver better patient care tomorrow. As Alibaba Cloud continues to lead and deliver cloud solutions with its innovative DNA, Median Technologies can be assured that its MedTech innovations continue to break barriers without needing to think twice about its IT infrastructure.