"The ease of use, extensive security, and stability of the Alibaba Cloud platform have been recognized by a large number of customers, which reassures the Luen Fung Hang’s decision to partner with Alibaba Cloud."

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About Luen Fung Hang Insurance Company Limited

Established in 1983, Luen Fung Hang Insurance Company Limited is a pioneer in Macau’s insurance industry. Since 2005, Luen Fung Hang has been consecutively awarded excellent financial strength ratings and best issuer credit ratings by AM BEST international rating agency. It specializes in providing diversified insurance products and high-quality services to business, including employee compensation insurance, corporate/industrial and commercial insurance, and also carters to personal protection needs, including property insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, personal accident insurance, automobile insurance, and more. Luen Fung Hang has a vast customer network and is supported by powerful major banks, including Tai Fung Bank, Bank of China, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) among other esteemed banks.


The ever-changing market landscape and rapidly shifting demand trends raised several concerns for the Luen Fung Hang’s IT department. The increased business complexity posed the following challenges: ● The growing number of business systems increases the demand for the continuous operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements such as constant system upgrades. ● The complex business system architecture combined with mobile applications, online applications, payment, and other functions, contradicts the traditional IT network architecture and raises the operational challenges such as the inability to go online faster. ● The security requirements of business systems continue to increase, and various laws and regulations continue to conflict with the lack of security resources and security professionals. ● The current solutions provided by different vendors faced integration challenges while unifying with internal network and storage resources. ● Data backup requires higher, faster, and more extensive requirements.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s rich business experience, continuous efforts in research and development, and an array of comprehensive solutions made it an obvious first choice for Luen Fung Hang Insurance. Moreover, the ease of use, extensive security, and stability of the Alibaba Cloud platform have been recognized by a large number of customers, which reassures the Luen Fung Hang’s decision to partner with Alibaba Cloud. Also, Alibaba Cloud’s experienced technical engineering team provides professional infrastructure design and personalized support for continuous maintenance. On the other hand, an essential factor for Luen Fung Hang to choose Alibaba Cloud as the technology partner is Alibaba Cloud's full cooperation with the local government to contribute to building digital Macau.


Luen Fung Hang Insurance implemented a hybrid cloud deployment solution, placing the database in a local data center in Macau, and the traffic portal, web services, and security components on Alibaba Cloud. Luen Fung Hang Insurance leveraged several Alibaba Cloud products, including Web Application Firewall (WAF) and eFirewalls for real-time server monitoring to ensure high availability and better online security, Elastic Compute Service (ECS) for scaling capacity based on real-time traffic, and Object Storage Service (OSS) to store, process, and access massive amounts of data without any hassles. Security and compliance are critical in the insurance industry. Therefore Luen Fung Hang employed Alibaba Cloud’s Virtual Private Network (VPN Gateway), SSL certificate, cloud security center, and security bastion hosts (Bastionhost) to ensure robust and compliant operations. The comprehensive solution from Alibaba Cloud fulfills the varied demands of Luen Fung Hang Insurance, including the excellent user experience in the fast online business system, flexible resource allocation, security, and data backup.

Looking Forward

As Luen Fung Hang Insurance continues to embrace innovation and strives for excellence in the insurance industry, it envisions Alibaba Cloud as a strategic partner in the journey ahead. Future plans include the following vital steps: ● Migrating more local services to Alibaba Cloud in a phased approach. ● Initiating company's domain name migration to Alibaba Cloud for DNS forwarding. ● Fully issuing and managing the SSL certificate service in Alibaba Cloud. ● Planning for dedicated line services. ● Increasing the application scenarios of OSS products.