“Working with Alibaba Cloud helps K.E. Group’s shopping malls and hotels better serve our customers in Thailand and those in China while ensuring a win-win scenario for our tenants. ” K. Chatchai CTO of K.E Group

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About K.E. Group

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, K.E. Group is a leading real estate investor, developer, and operator of upscale properties across different asset classes, including shopping centers, housing estates, condominiums, and office buildings – with over 19 properties (existing and in the pipeline) representing over THB 25 billion (5.5 billion RMB) in total value (as of Q1 2019). K.E Group aims to deliver more value to their customers and tenants by embarking upon a new digital transformation journey.


As K.E. Group embarked on the digital transformation journey to establish a new retail business model, it was looking for an e-commerce platform that provides customers with the next level of digital experience and delivers more value to the tenants. It aimed to quickly kick off digital transformation and implement a loyalty and campaign platform with a corresponding mobile app, online-to-offline seamless experience, big data management, and omnichannel experience.

Why Alibaba Cloud

K.E. Group has chosen Alibaba Cloud for its digital transformation journey due to Alibaba Cloud’s strong presence in retail business and tailored solutions for the new retail sector. Alibaba Cloud’s e-commerce solutions enable retailers to upgrade to an omnichannel shopping experience within days. Alibaba Cloud helps achieve faster time to market and supports business models, including business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C), and online-to-offline (O2O). Alibaba Cloud experts with rich experience in e-commerce continuously provide assistance and hands-on training to accelerate time to market and ensure effective implementation of the industry’s best practices. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud’s strong network and relationship within its ecosystem help K.E. Group meet its long term digital transformation requirement seamlessly.


Alibaba Cloud’s customized new retail solutions are the best match for K.E. Group’s digital transformation roadmap and perfectly fits their vision. With Alibaba Cloud onboard, K.E. Group is empowered to leverage a suite of cloud computing and big data services that help to quickly build and seamlessly run an e-commerce platform, ensure an omnichannel experience for their customers, manage data to lead the customers to spend at various K.E. partners. K.E. Group planned the project in three phases. Firstly, they built a Loyalty and Campaign platform along with a mobile app by employing Alibaba Cloud’s campaign solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to manage heavy traffic and conduct marketing campaigns without interruptions. They deployed the mobile app to provide their partners with complete online business capabilities to showcase and promote their products and allow their customers to browse products, make purchases, and pay online without hassles. Secondly, K.E. Group leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s O2O solution to build an omnichannel platform by integrating online and offline channels. It helped them improve operations, attract more customers, and boost sales. Lastly, Alibaba Cloud’s B2B2C solution helped K.E. Group bring its partners together on a unified platform by offering a dedicated online marketplace to expand their business.

Looking Forward

K.E. Group’s ability and a new way of thinking boosted the confidence and trust of their tenants. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud helped the group further enable tenants to serve their customers with improved experiences, creating a win-win business environment for everybody. As the retail environment changes rapidly due to the coronavirus outbreak, K.E. Group continues to strengthen its relationship with Alibaba Cloud and leverage the innovative retail solutions like never before to strive and thrive in this new normal.